Why Hiring a Professional Line Striping Firm is Essential

Most people take parking lot striping and marking for granted. These pavement markings help guide traffic, show areas where parking is not authorized, designate spots for handicapped visitors, and provide a measure of safety. It may seem that the process of parking lot striping is easy, but the reality is that many aspects go into the success and quality of a parking lot marking project.

Considerations for Parking Lot Striping Projects

A lot goes into the parking lot striping process – even before the paint begins to be applied. Careful planning and preparation are the hallmarks of a quality parking lot striping and marking company; it is this attention to every detail that determines the quality of a completed task.

In any project, there are four considerations to address before applying paint. These are:

Measuring project area – a parking lot striping contractor needs to know exactly how much paint to have on hand and how much area the company will be marking. Careful measurement of the paved areas is critical in finishing jobs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Preparation is key – quality parking lot marking and line striping is dependent on the initial preparation steps conducted by the line striping company. Applying paint to dirty or debris-covered surfaces reduces the adhesion of paints and can lead to premature flaking and chipping of the markings. Removing loose debris with a gas-powered blower is the first step. For parking lots with cracked pavements, wire brushing or scraping may be required to prepare the surface for new markings.

Establishing the base – sometimes, a good cleaning simply isn’t enough to prepare an older paved parking lot for new markings. In these cases, a professional parking lot striping contractor often recommends crack-filling or other repairs before new markings are applied. This helps ensure that water cannot penetrate below the pavement surface, protecting the asphalt from expensive repairs down the road.

Sealcoating – one of the best ways to make new parking lot stripes and markings stand out is to apply a sealcoat over existing paved surfaces. This black coating also fills small cracks, helping to reduce water intrusion. A parking lot with crisp, professionally-applied markings is possible when this extra sealcoating step is done before painting the new markings.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Many do-it-yourselfers can achieve adequate parking lot stripes and markings with simple stencils and a steady hand. For truly professional results, however, professional-grade parking lot striping equipment is called for.

Parking lot marking contractors use special equipment to make their projects look great and perform even better. This specialized equipment is designed to track straight and apply painted markings with accuracy and efficiency. Many of these pro-grade machines have laser tracking systems to achieve perfectly straight parking lot lines. With less waste and a more accurate application of coatings, professional parking lot striping companies can complete projects on time and on budget.

Choosing Paints and Paint Colors

There’s more than meets the eye with parking lot markings. Professional parking lot striping firms use special paints along with their specialized equipment to achieve durable and attractive results. These paints are designed for high-traffic areas and are formulated to resist environmental exposure, wear, and cracking/chipping.

The color is critical, too. Most parking lots are marked with white or yellow paint, but there may be special color requirements for other markings. For example, any zones for emergency vehicle use may be required to be marked in red, while handicap parking zones and spaces may require blue markings with yellow or white accents. A professional parking lot striping company will have the experience and the know-how to select the right paints and paint colors for each project, ensuring a great-looking lot that meets all safety standards and building codes.

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