Why Dorset is a Beautiful Location for a B&B

The concept of B&B has been invented in 1980s and since then it has been proudly being appraised by millions of people worldwide. Over the last decade it has made an incredible remark globally for tourists, especially in UK.
The idea is fairly simple, B&B accommodates tourists over night and serves breakfast in bed or in their kitchen, or some even go one step ahead and arrange the breakfast in the garden. The B&B owners work at their places by them-selves and some hire help if it gets too crowded. It started off really as a small earning method for some but now it has been globally acclaimed to be a high profitable business. But one must be wise in choosing locations for B&B because certainly not all places would be as willing to accept it over hotels. A place packed with tourists is the way to go. When talking about tourists’ attention, Dorset does come quite casually in mind. Being located at the Southeast of Europe, the place is very cozy climate wise. The gentle Sea breeze often mesmerizes you and the sunny weather lures the tourists into visiting this wonderful county.

The Dorset’s eye catching beauty has a long list and it has one thing or the other to offer every tourist. From downright casual to an elegant evening, both can be found at Dorset without stretching too hard to find it. The Athelhampton’s Tudor manor house, Sherborne Castle, majestic ruins of Corfe Castle, Swanage steam railway, Wonderland family fun park, Abbotsbury Swannery with over 600 free flying swans, Monkey World ape rescue centre, Brownsea Island, Tank Museum at Bovington etc. With all these fascinating places and more, tourists cannot help but lure into coming to this place to have a delightful cozy experience. That is exactly what they get after visiting this mesmerizing place.

In addition, the B&B in Dorset surely makes a difference. Each B&B has such an intimate design and they are always fully equipped to treat their customers with warmth and give them a wonderful holiday. They treat each customer differently, and they make sure to give something authentic every time. For instance, someone who loves the outdoors and the natures, the B&B owners make sure to give them a breakfast in the garden.  Some of the well known B&B owners in Dorset are;

The Old post Office, Swanage

The Old Post Office, Swanage

Lyme Townhouse, Lyme Regis

1 Lyme Townhouse, Lyme Regis

Marren Holworth

Marren, Holworth

Heathcoe House, Milborne St Andrew

Heathcote House, Milborne St Andrew

These are only few amongst the best B&B’s in Dorset, there are several others who are doing very well for them-selves.  If these details are inspiring for you to start a similar business then look right here to check the B&B business for sale in Dorset. The tourists actually prefer these B&B’s to hotels because of their flexible attitude towards servicing. A hotel is never that flexible as opposed to a B&B. It is much warmer, intimate, and authentic. There is an uncanny comfort experienced by each customer in the B&B because the owners always take a keen interest to serve their customers first hand.

People visit Dorset for its fabulous weather, its beaches, its museums, its lakes, its world renowned gardens and not to mention the old castles. Not only couples but also it receives visiting families as well. Hence, B&B owners keep on increasing in number in Dorset. B&B goes fairly well in a place that is always crowded with tourists and Dorset being such a wonderful location is the perfect place for the business.

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