Which is better, Thomas Sabo or Pandora?

A lot of people are wearing Thomas Sabo and Pandora jewellery at the moment … but which is better? They’re both great brands, but both have their positives and negatives. I thought I’d put together a post to share these with you and also to help me decide which brand I prefer.

Charm Bracelets

The main thing that Pandora is known for are their charm bracelets – they’re extremely popular. This is actually one of the reasons why I don’t like the Pandora bracelets. Yes there are lots of nicely designed charms in the range, but because they’re so popular, most people seem to already have them! This is probably a bit picky of me to say but I don’t like to wear jewellery that everybody else is wearing. Saying that, the Murano charms are stunning and the bright colours that they’re featured in are lovely … perfect for summer!

I’ve got to say that I prefer the Thomas Sabo charm bracelets. The charms in their range are exactly my cup of tea and because they’re not as popular as Pandora, less people are wearing them (which is a bonus for me) I like to be different and Thomas Sabo have some really uniquely designed charms that are gorgeous and detailed too.


I have quite a few Pandora rings in my jewellery box and think they’re really pretty. I’d never really choose to buy a Pandora ring for myself but I’ve received them as presents before and think they’re really cute. A few years ago, my boyfriend bought me a gorgeous love hearts Pandora ring for Valentine’s Day and I love it … wear it every single day! The detail on Pandora rings is great and I think they’re really good value for money.

Whenever I step foot in my local jewellery shop, my weakness is definitely Thomas Sabo rings … I absolutely love them! I have over 20 in my collection and I usually wear them when I go to special events. If I’m wearing a plain outfit, I sometimes pop on a Thomas Sabo ring because they help to make it pop. Anything with sparkles and skulls on is appealing to me at the moment as they’re very much in fashion … Thomas Sabo delivers what I like!


I wear earrings every day without fail and they’re usually ones from Pandora. There are a variety of different styles to choose from and there is something that everyone would like. There are studs and statement earrings in the Pandora earring range so you can find the perfect design to take you from day to night and still make you look glamorous. I would definitely recommend buying Pandora earrings.

Although I really like other items of Thomas Sabo jewellery, I feel that the earrings they make let them down a bit. The reason why I think this is because there isn’t many options of earrings to choose from and I do find the designs that they have slightly boring. They do feel fantastic quality but no designs catch my eye enough to buy.

Overall Thomas Sabo has to be a winner for me! I much prefer the styles and you also get better value for money from them.

Selena Hamsley is a blogger with a strong interest in anything Jewellery or Fashion related. The products talked about in this post are from Xen Jewellery & Hugh Rice.

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