What to Do in Case of a Flood: Five Things You Must Know

Listen to Official Weather Announcements

Intense rainstorms frequently make rivers and streams fill quickly leading to dangerous flooding conditions. Individuals must listen carefully to law officials during this time to be completely aware of rising waters near homes and businesses. Government or law officials will make announcements on the radio or television to alert citizens about flooding dangers. People should begin to prepare immediately to leave a home before flooding occurs.

Move to Higher Locations

Never attempt to drive a car or truck through flooding waters to avoid drowning in a flipped vehicle. It is easier to walk away from flooding water instead of driving. Alternatively, people may have to climb on the roofs of sturdy buildings or to higher ground. While climbing on a roof may be the only choice, this can also be dangerous as the structure weakens and decomposes from moisture damage. However, this technique may be necessary until emergency services send out teams to rescue stranded people.

Gather Essential Living Supplies

Individuals may have little time to find supplies such as drinking water, warm clothing or food. Having a kit ready in a waterproof backpack is a great plan to survive a flood for several days. Individuals should also gather family members and pets along with the backpack while preparing to leave the area on foot. It is best for people escaping a flood to wear comfortable shoes and rain gear.

Safety Hazards to Avoid in a Flood

The high winds from rainstorms such as hurricanes will knock down electrical wiring causing additional safety hazards. During a flood, gas lines may also rupture filling a building with dangerous fumes. Home and business owners should know how to turn off the utilities before water reaches a building. If individuals smell gas or see sparks, then leaving an area immediately is necessary to avoid injury or death. The standing water inside or outside a building will also contain dangerous debris such as broken glass and sharp tree limbs.

Be Prepared to Wait for Rescue Workers

Frequently, people are stranded for several days during a flood. Individuals must try to drink clean drinking water, stay warm and avoid risks. If an individual can easily travel to an authorized area of safety, then that is the best plan. However, it is often safer for an individual to wait for rescue from authorized teams such as police officers or military personnel.

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