Purchasing Pool Table In UK – 6 Key Elements To Consider

Pool-tableWhen planning to purchase a pool table, there are a whole lot of factors to consider. Focus should be given on several key elements before taking the ultimate decision. Below provided are eight key elements that need to be considered properly.

1. Budget

Planning the budget is a necessity before making a purchase or taking any such decisions. How much can you afford? This is a question that plays important role in the purchasing act. There are different options available in the market. Also, several financial schemes are available in case the table cost exceeds the allotted budget. However, it is always recommended to focus more on quality than on the budget. A good quality table will have a higher cost initially but in the long run, it will help in making easy savings by lasting more than one can expect. The cost of pool tables depends on the material, quality, size, as well as on design.

2. Size

As discussed above, pool tables are available in different sizes. However, the most common sizes range in between 7” to 11”. Before purchasing the table, consider the area measurement. A very big table may not fit a small area and vice versa.  Considerations should be given on the playing space surrounding the table. It is of utmost importance. The pool table should never be wedged up against fireplace or window during the playing session.

3. Branded/Non Branded

Branding is important when shopping for a good quality pool table. There are renowned manufactures and then there are also those not-so renowned ones. Be it the designing brand or manufacturer’s brand, a well-reputed name is always guaranteed to provide the best quality item. Olhausen is a reputed brand. Similarly, Harley Davidson is a well-known design. If ordered a table from Olhausen with designing done by Harley Davidson, the cost will be around $3000 for a 7 ft table. At the same time, a normal 7 ft Olhausen table will cost something in the range of $2000- $2500.

4. Slate/Non Slate

What type of table board is required? Will it be slate or non-slate? The slate variants are more popular since many years. Beneath the billiard felt is the playing surface. Slate offers a nicely even playing surface that lasts for years. However, slate-based tables are more expensive in price. They are also very heavy in terms of weight. Moving them from one place to another may not be an easy job.  The non-slate boards are less expensive. Materials like Accuslate are high-density fiber and offer long lasting warranty.  However, most of the experts prefer slate boards.

5. Felt/Accessories

Picking the right accessories for pool table is also necessary. Always remember, not every pool table comes with additional felt. Separate purchase can result in additional expenses. So always look for tables that come packed with felt. There are also different designer felts available for purchase.  Also, purchase a proper brush to clean the pool table. There are also pool cues and cue racks available in the market. Cue racks are available in wall mounted, standalone, and claw styles. Some of the other accessories include ball racks, pool balls, bridge cues, cue chalk, & cue cases.

6. Store selection

There are two types of stores available: online and physical retailers. Online purchasing may not be a great idea since there is no way to check on the quality of table by your own hands. Yes, online stores offer some good discounts, but still, it is not recommended. UK Pool table Suppliers provides a good quality. Always look for a reputed retailer to make the purchase.

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