Medical Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative healing method that works on the principle that stimulating parts of the foot also stimulates a corresponding internal organ. There are many medical conditions that can be treated with reflexology. While little is known about this ancient Chinese art what is certain is that many people are using this alternative medicine to treat many medical problems effectively. Here is a list of the medical benefits of getting regular reflexology treatments.

Bladder and Digestive Health

Reflexology is an effective treatment for improving bladder function and digestive health. Because of this reflexology is also an efficient way to help your body relieve itself harmful toxins. Therefore, people with digestive issues as well as urinary tract problems should consider making reflexology part of their regular health regimen.

Migraines and Headaches

Reflexology can relieve migraine and headache pains. This is achieved by simply reducing the tension in the muscles. Reflexology is also effective for relieving stress, which is a psychological manifestation severe migraines and headaches.


Many PMS symptoms can be relieved by utilizing reflexology treatments such as pain and sleeplessness. It also effectively treats the headaches, backaches and stress that many women experience as a result of PMS.

Other benefits of reflexology

Effectively treat the pain caused by MS and cancer treatments.

It treats irritable bowel syndrome

It is an effective treatment for anxiety

Studies have shown to improve your sex life

It can improve your memory and other cognitive functions

It can significantly boost your energy levels

It can help treat asthma

It improves circulation

It treats stress

It helps you heal after an injury

It can aid post-operative recovery

It can help induce labor for those who are overdue

It can relieve the pain of labor and help treat postpartum depression.

It is an effective treatment for relieving the pain experienced by phantom limb pain sufferers.

It can help lower your blood pressure

Now that you know the medical benefits of reflexology be sure to visit a reflexology specialist in your local area soon. And to locate a reflexology specialist in your area, be sure to visit Groupon Pages.

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