Lanyards – Their Different Categories

We see lanyards every day since they are used in almost every domain. Lanyards are the best form of self-expression to let others know your message and identity. For instance, lanyards can be used as cancer awareness lanyards or as a patriotic lanyard design. They are powerful and effective way to make corporate and personal identification visible.


The blog post will show you the different categories of lanyards used for multiple purposes. Take a look at them:

Promotional lanyards:

Promotional lanyards are the best ways to promote any event, products or services. It is probably the right strategy to increase a company’s visibility all across the globe. Lanyards are the effective tool to talk about your services in the self-explanatory manner. People use promotional lanyards to hold ID cards, security cards, ID badges in promotional campaigns or just to show membership in a company for any special event. At times, it is also used by people as a gift.

The best part about promotional lanyard is its economical price and high-quality.

Breakaway Lanyards:

Breakaway lanyards are popular for their safety features. They are available in different sizes. However, the best standard sizes are 1 inch, 3/4 and 5/8. You can also customize the size to 3/8, 7/16 or 7/8. Breakaway lanyards are commonly used in schools, hospitals, companies, shopping marts, charities or in churches. These lanyards are gradually becoming popular because of its reasonable price. As these lanyards are made of polyester materials, thus they are durable and reliable. They are perfect to use in such environments which involves machinery, equipment’s or even babies. Most of them are available as imprinted, eco-friendly and braided lanyards.

Breakaway lanyards are specifically used for security purpose. The hook breaks into two pieces in case the lanyard is caught. They are known as rapid release safety lanyards as they are the secured way of displaying your ID cards or badges. The risk of choking reduces with breakaway lanyards. One can find several attachments with breakaway lanyards and can also choose different designs, colors or length according to the requirement. Different attachment of the lanyards serves different purposes.

Badge Lanyards:

You can get badge lanyards at a relatively fair price and thus are commonly used in different fields. You can imprint logos, slogans or text on your badge lanyards and make them attractive. They are made up of high quality materials and are available in several colors. The techniques used to imprint personalized message on the lanyards are offset printing, Jacquard Loom weaving, screen printing and heat transfer. A few types of badge lanyards especially the beaded lanyards are quite famous among the women. Enterprise personnel, students, medical staff, attendees of trade shows or lifeguards are some of the common users of badge lanyards.

Eco-friendly lanyards:

Eco-friendly lanyards are made with high-quality poly lactic acid materials which are obtained through corn starch. There are several options such as bamboo lanyards, organic cotton lanyards, recycled lanyards, corn lanyards and many more to add. These materials collectively produce a wide variety of lanyards of various design, color, sizes and printing techniques. Eco-friendly lanyards effectively market your products and simultaneously take care of the surroundings. Eco-friendly lanyards are made with two techniques – silk screen and dye sublimation. They are an effective substitute to traditional lanyards and often add style to the lanyards.

Beaded lanyards:

Beaded lanyards are unique in their own way. There is a wide range of beaded lanyards which includes crystal, plastic, glass, metal, and shell, stone or wood. One can find various designs of beaded lanyards or even order custom beaded lanyards with any specification. Different beads have unique shapes and style. The various shapes include square, round or diamond. These shapes and designs are famous among ladies who want to host simple events with sophistication. Beaded lanyards are the best options for those who want supreme style in simple products and offer grace to every items attached to the lanyard.

Thus, lanyards are the best tools to promote your activities, products or services.

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