How to Start Your Own Blog: Easy Tips for Beginners

Starting your own blog has many advantages. Not only will you be able to share your thoughts, opinions and expertise in whatever field you choose but you may also earn money through blogging. This is why many people from different parts of the world are into blogging. Well, why not start your own blog too, right?

Some people might think that starting a blog is difficult and complicated, well, it really is not and in this article, we will share to you easy tips that will help you jumpstart your own blog.

  1. Choose what type of blog you want for yourself – first of all, you should decide what type of blog you want to start. Do you want to discuss parenting tips for first time parents, do you wish to review the latest gadgets in the market or do you want to start a blog that features general topics more like a personal diary that you want to share to others? It is very important to decide the topic so you can plan the theme, the domain name and other details. It is advisable to choose a field that you’re good at or a topic that you enjoy the most. That way, you will be able to find joy in what you’re doing.
  2. Think of a domain name – once you decided the theme or topic to feature, you should start thinking about the domain name. Domain name is very important because it will be your brand. You should look for something nice and catchy – something with easy recall for your readers. Buying domain name is pretty cheap, however, it is a bit tricky to find some combinations of words that are available. Buying domain name with competitive keyword or premium words is expensive.
  3. Find a reliable hosting company – you should also find a reliable hosting company to host your site. Find a company with fast hosting platform, easy to use control panel and of course affordable price. There are different packages to choose from so you should check which one is suitable for you.
  4. Prepare content for your blog – before you go live, it is best to prepare sets of posts to publish. You can write articles, prepare videos, come up with infographics or any other media form. Do not publish all at once but be sure that you have enough supply that you can publish daily or weekly. It is important to keep your site updated. You should also finalise the design or template of your website.
  5. Start to promote it – once your site is live, you should promote it to different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. If you know SEO then it would be great to do some SEO efforts in promoting your site to gain readership and traffic.

Following the tips that we discussed here will allow you to start your own website or blog. You do not have to be a professional writer to start one. You should just enjoy it and do not be pressured if you do not have a lot of readers or visitors. The more you post content and the more you interact with your readers, the more they will come back and promote your site to others.



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