How to Effectively Dispel Negative Emotions and Energy with a Few Simple Tricks

Some of us seem to be joyful at all times, while others among us seem to be exhibiting negative vibes wherever we go – and while this may seem to be a part of our personality, there are certain ways we can deal with it, overcome it, and make not only our frame of mind better, but our circumstances as well. The truth is, often it’s all in the head; it stems from fear, uncertainty, or simply stress. Life can be hectic, and we need to stay on top of it. If you’ve ever wondered how you can start getting more positive, then this one is for you: here’s how to effectively dispel negative emotions and energy with a few simple tricks.

Let’s check your status first

Do a reality check, and see if you have negative energy… Do you:

  • Complain a lot, even about little things?

  • Blame others for things gone wrong on a consistent basis?

  • Often use words such as ‘horrible’, ‘terrible’, and other negative words?

  • Find yourself redeemed rather than grateful when positive things happen?

Start being grateful

That’s often hard to do, especially if you find that – well, you worked for it, and you deserve it. However, focusing on the good things and those things you should be grateful for have immediate beneficial effects. Think of the good things and consider yourself lucky.

Learn to laugh with yourself

Laughing with yourself is not the same as laughing at yourself; laughing with yourself means you allow yourself (and others) to see your weak points and you take it in stride. No one is perfect, and it’s best to laugh it off and move on.

The benefit of helping others

It may be about karma, but helping others is very rewarding – it gives you self-worth.

It’s all in the attitude

Never say you failed. Say: I have learned, and I have to try again. Attitude is all that matters.

Get away from the toxicity

Stick around positive people, it rubs off. Stay away from other negative people.

The most important aspect of becoming a positive person and dispelling negative energy, however, lies in these two philosophies: first of all, take responsibility. Don’t think that you are the victim – take responsibility for your situation. This does not mean you take blame; this means that you realize there is nobody more equipped to do anything about the situation than you. The second, and more crucial part, is this: take action. Do what you need to do to improve the situation – it’s an investment in the future. Never mind what happened in the past – there’s nothing to do about that. The future, on the other hand, is a fifty-fifty game, and will largely depend on what you do right now.

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