5 Reasons Not All Dentists Are Created Equal

5 Reasons Not All Dentists Are Created EqualChoosing a dentist for your children is an important step towards developing healthy habits and maintaining oral health and hygiene. Here are 5 important reasons not all dentists are created equal to assist you in making a good selection that you will be able to rely on to the care for your family.

Pros and cons of continued education

Dentists who continue to learn about the latest technologies and procedures available in pediatric dentistry in the United States will be able to offer the widest variety of suggestions, including the least intrusive methods and least visible orthodontic treatment that your child may need someday. On the other hand, the doctors that constantly learn about these new procedures may try to push them on you when not necessary, selling them as “preventative” measures that may be completely irrelevant in the long run. Here, use your best judgment and take it case by case. Too much info cannot hurt, and these potential problems can always be dealt with later if they do turn into serious issues.


The big word here is hygiene. Your children are developing habits and growing into the smile that will be with them forever, so, naturally, it is important that the dentist set a remarkable example. Look for signs of a clean, sanitized office: staff regularly washing their hands, all utensils prepped and sanitized before your arrival, and extras like clean bathrooms and waiting rooms so that your kids will not pick up any germs while in the office. If your kids see how important these things are to their dentist, they are more likely to bring the hygiene advice, like brushing 3 times a day, back home.

Throw away the show

Strong advertising campaigns and fancy offices do not necessarily mean better treatment. They mean a solid investor, which could be anyone, and should not speak for the education and track record of your dentist. On the other hand, there are many Fresno pediatric dentist offices and offices all over the country that have an excellent staff, an educated and up to date team of dentists, and proven success with satisfied patients.

Dentists should be your friends

Anytime you choose a health professional, you want someone who you feel comfortable around, not just because of the sensitivity of the business you do with them, but also because they need an honest description of your lifestyle and habits in order to treat you properly. The only way for any health professional to earn this is through a sincere and trusting relationship. This is especially important for your kids because they are developing habits that will follow them for the rest of their lives. If you can find a dentist who can relate and communicate with your children well, the good advice they receive can truly last a lifetime.

It doesn’t stop with your teeth

Oral cavities often show the first signs of many serious diseases including leukemia, kidney disease, threatening hormonal changes, and several other types of cancer. The right dentist for your children will not just evaluate the health and development of their smile: They will look deeper to make sure there are no early symptoms of these dangerous diseases, or they will catch early symptoms and give you the best advice, feedback, and referral possible.

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