5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Everyday Costs

We’re always looking to save money when it comes to making big purchases in life to ensure that we’re always getting the best value, whether it’s buying a car or renovating our homes. So why not apply that same thinking to our everyday lives too? Saving money day to day might be on a smaller scale but it is easy and once you’re in the habit of consciously making decisions that will slash costs you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started doing it sooner. Start saving pennies today with these five easy ways to save money on everyday costs:


Use free online resources

Learning to drive? Forget shelling out cash on expensive guidebooks and theory test materials, and use the host of free online resources instead. With a plethora of mock theory tests and answers to all the frequently asked questions about the learning process, passing your theory test with flying colours is easier (and cheaper) than ever before.


Once you’re up and running and have aced your theory and practical driving tests, put your knowledge to good use and set up a carpool to work with your colleagues. Not only can you take it in turns to provide transport to work, saving wear and tear on your car and money on fuel, but you can also take advantage of carpool lanes that some major cities now offer, making your journey to the office quicker.

Keep your tyres inflated

Motoring is a big part of the daily expense many of us face but by adopting ‘best practice’ when we’re on the road we can drive more efficiently and save money. When your tyres are fully pumped not only are you in safer hands, but you’re also saving money on gas – improving the mileage that you can get out of your vehicle in the long-run. Keeping them inflated shouldn’t be too much bother, just stop by your location petro,l station and take advantage of the free air on tap available for doing so, around once a month.

Sell unwanted possessions

You can also save money in your own home by selling your stuff that you no longer need or clothes that you’ve grown out of. Setting up an account on Gumtree or eBay is really simple, and once you’re all set up you can start selling your unused possessions (that are still of good quality) fuss-free straight away for a little extra cash.

Be smart at home

Often the biggest drain on our cash supply comes from within our homes, so stay savvy around the house to make sure you’re not wasting money where you don’t need to. Start by unplugging all electrical devices when they’re not being used to save excess power use, and switching off lights and lamps in rooms that you aren’t using. You can also save on what you stock your cupboards with, by just purchasing generic supermarket brands (which often are pretty similar to the named brands at a fraction of the cost) and by cooking your own meals rather than ordering takeaway – a cheaper AND healthier option. Don’t be afraid to take your leftovers into work for lunch the next day, most of the time your home-cooked meals will be the envy of your colleagues and their soggy shop-bought sandwiches!

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